Thursday, 19 August 2010

Diamonds on Windows

Repair work is happening and it can be (accidentally) beautiful, temporary addition to a facade.

Hanging Notes part 2.

More hanging notes in a city. This is intriguing and it looks like a mass destruction of foil balloons. Is it art or an accident?

Leafy Benches

Must love the idea of street furniture based on trees, bushes or any living plants. This is the case in Heathrow Airport. These caged bushes serve as seats as well as green, which is really wellcome in such places as stations (please google Atocha train station and be amazed!).

Monday, 9 August 2010

Green on Grey

Try to imagine if it was possible to swap the distribution of these colors. However Green on Grey goes too as long as the residents wish to take care of the plants. If not, we´ll have just grey.

Moving Grass

Having motion in a park makes it interesting. This is simple: long, light grass and wind and it looked different on the way back. Liverpool.

Hanging Notes

Different theories exist on why people throw their shoes to hang on a line. Lonely shoes lying on streets hold even a deeper story within them. Where is the other one?

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Stencil Humour

Street art and humour is not an easy combination. Most often it is best to use images instead of words. Zizkov, Prague.

Park Life

This park in London was really popular, and not only among kids. Simple and cheap yet so rare among regulated play areas and climbing racks. London, Green Park (?).


This is perfect co-existence. Above the skating area cafes, shops and concert halls. Graffiti is marking the area with an ever changing wallpaper. South Bank, London.

City Dip

The odd pair - heart of the city and a real beach with sand, joggers, children (and three pairs of identical shorts). The picture could be cut in half to be more "natural", perfect oddity to my mind. River Neva, St. Petersburg.

One Straight Line

I took this picture in Manchester trying to capture the fence horizontally straight in the picture. Then everything else tilted to an interesting effect.

Four wheels times 198

Taking a different angle on a parking space and the amount of cars seems bigger. I feel like tilting this picture and all the cars would flow out of it.

Living Side by Side

Living happily side by side in Manchester. The city centre is full of odd pairs of buildings, but it works. It shows courage to make the disparity so visible.

Beauty in Randomness

This is the Kalasatama area in Helsinki. With a great lenght of graffiti walls, there is also random art. With a capital "A".